Nurse's Corner

COVID-19 in Florida

Planet Kids at Wellington is dedicated to keeping its families, faculty and staff safe during the pandemic. We are also committed to helping the community pull together during this difficult time. We are open and available for parents interested in preschool or camp.  We are following the CDC guidance. We are also escorting students to their rooms, reducing the parent traffic in the school. We have extra cleaning happening throughout the day and are washing students hands regularly. Teachers and camp counselors are all wearing masks. We also upgraded every air conditioning unit to include UV lights which are believed to eliminate coronaviruses. 

For additional information from the Health Department, please see the following link:

Health Assessment/School Physicals:

As required by Florida law, all students up to the age of nine must have on file a completed health assessment (physical) form. The assessment may be completed by a physician. Exemptions under this policy may be obtained by a written statement signed by one parent/guardian that the student is adherent of a religious denomination whose teachings are opposed to such assessments. 


Immunization requirements and recommendations for the school year are based on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations and the consensus of the Governor’s Child Health Advisory Committee Immunization Workgroup.



Students with prescription medication must be administered through the school’s administration office under the supervision of the school nurse and are to be brought to school by the parent or guardian in the prescribed bottle accompanied by a current signed Request For Administration Of Medication by the student’s prescribing physician and parent/guardian. 


Students who are ill should never be sent to school. Students with temperatures at or above 100 degrees will be sent home. They must be fever free and symptom for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication before returning to class. 

Important Topics For Parents: 

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